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Муви конфиг от одного из авторов мувика "All Inclusive" - vacuum'a.

Комментарий от автора:
"So here she is smile Be gentle to her :p
IMPORTANT: Copy Paste into notepad only, else it will mess up the lines :)
Sidenote: The dvar "r_lighttweaksunlight" (bound to f3 with
value one) differs from map to map! To figure out which value applies
for each map, load the map and type r_lighttweaksunlight in the
console. You will see a) the current value on top b)the default value
under "default" (greyed out)


I usually use r_desaturation "0" in my footage. I adjusted it as shyr
uses r_desaturation "1" and it wouldnt look good with 2 different
values in 1 movie smile Not saying 0 looks bad, its simply personal

Update 2: The rar pack is here. It´s not everything but some handy scripts. Sorry but I´m not giving out all my Kung-Fu (yet)"
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