Загружается... Ждите...

Это окончательная версия Promod'a, вероятнее всего будет
последней в данной серии из соревновательного мода для Европейской
сцены Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
В прошлых версиях Promod'a
произошли большие изменения, которые вызвали много неудобств, и было
принято решение, что необходимо вернуться к более ранней версии

Список изменений (относительно Promod'a 3.0):

    Grenade cooking removed
    Damage radius slightly reduced
    Can't throw back grenades
    SMG class is limited to 2 per side
    Center mass hitboxes reduced
    Damage at range reduced
    Sniper no-scope accuracy increased

Bug fixes:
    Exploding car noise on backlot removed
    Head bobbing after plant removed
    Removed a bug where you could use g_compassshowenemies after spectating
    Kill tally tweak in ready-up mode
    If you change teams in ready-up mode you remain unkillable
    When using teamsat teams now display correctly

Player-side features:
    Perk icons no longer show when you spawn
    Added delay after the round ends
    Removed rank icon on scoreboard
    You can now choose your own graphics settings using the quick chat menu and graphics menu
    When you hit a player in the head it will sound a 'dink' noise
    You can now bypass strat time if two players perside press their use button

Server-side features:
    When a server-side command is changed it will print it so all players can see
    Name changes will update instantly in ready-up mode
    IWD Check reomved

Spectator additions:
    Spectator overlay

Misc additions:
    When a player uses an illegal command their screen will blur and they will hear constant gunshots
    Physics on cars exploding have been removed
    The menu will no longer close itself when the round is over
    Planting during timeouts blocked
    No longer able to call timeouts in public mode
    Strat time increased to 10 seconds
    No longer a round timer in Ready-up mode
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