Загружается... Ждите...

- Reintroduced "cl_maxpackets" enforcement to "100"
- Small fix in the scorebot
- Weapon class availability fixed on halftime

After one hotfix and several release candidates...


- Several minor bug fixes

- Added delay in the end of the round for movie-makers

- Prevention for "spec-nading"

- Updated promod modes

- Team auto-balancing has been removed

Was causing severe issues, i.e. HUD disappearing and invurnability bug.

- In-game stats removed

The in-game stats has been removed, due to big inaccuracies in values.

- Forcing for maxpackets removed

Forcing for maxpackets (100) removed, it's now possible to use 60 -
100 (Some regions need this, if leagues need fixed values, use
punkbuster scripts to force!).
v2.02 RC2
- issue with barrels @ citystreets

- autobalance enabled in public modes

- scorebot improvments

- hardcore hud bug fixed

- removed the sound for the dvar enforcer .. now its just a blurred screen without minimap!

- added lan and lan_hc mode

v2.02 RC1

- fixed all reported bugs from v2 and v2.01, we are 99.9999% sure that
theres no any other bug, thanks whole community and all players who
gave us reports :)

- added stuff for moviemakers, like delay of popup with scores after end of the round etc

- fixed major bugs from promod3 and promodlive v1

+ Plus the general V2 specification:

Enhanced code
Now even smaller and smoother than before (up to 10% smaller in size
than Live v1). With parts of the system rewamped to run even better.
Some experience both better FPS and better general hitreg.

Reworked Shoutcaster overlay

Faster and better. Now with support for all resolutions and aspect ratios, including widescreen.

Preserved Class Loadouts

Your preferences in weapons, camo and attachments are now saved and
will automatically loaded time after time (until changed). This doesn't
only make the match setup faster but also very convenient for the
players switching class mid-game. This together with the Class related
binds function it even faster!

Class related binds

Classes can now be bound to keys for faster mid-game class switches.
Together with the Preserved Class loadouts function you get even faster
and more accurate!
Can be done manually i config or through game menu.

Extended gametype support

Includes full Hardcore support, aswell as SAB, KOTH and DOM gametypes. In other words; Promod can now be played by everyone!


A scorebot has been added.
Strat mode
A new strat mode is added. Includes nadetraining possibilities
(similar to AM4PAM) and detailed range, hit and damage information.

Plus more..
- Enhanced client- and server-security.

- Small changes/improvments to the hud and menus.

- Players left display is moved to the hud and therefore possible to get rid of for those nice-looking frag-movies.

- Fixed red enemy crosshair in smoke.

- The only changes related to weapons (which is most important to some)
is disabled ammo-sharing between SMG and M9 Beretta, as well as reduced
weapon switch on M16.

- Works on all maps (including mp_killhouse).

- Built in MG- and "pigeon" fix.

- Cook nades in Hardcore mode.

- All game taunts removed.

- Plus more..

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